To Tibet From Omberg
August 15th - 23rd

A Trip from Rok to ìTibetî with starting point at Rokstenen, the audience makes a trip with stations at Hillingstad Flower Nursery, the gallery and church in Heda, and the Alvastra monastery ruin. The starting point is E-4 roadís exit to Rok and the endstation is the Alvastra monastery ruin. Each station will be the location of art objects and concerts. Single events can be attended as such. Artists:
Nes Lerpa (DK), Hans "Limbus" Tjörneryd (S) & Britt Smelvær (N/DK)


The concerts are taking place in the two weekends during the exhibition period.
The following performers from Scandinavia are participating in the music programme: Terje Isungset (N), Biggi Vinkeloe (S), Peeter Uuskyla (S), Peter Friis Nielsen (DK), Lars Juul (DK), Christer Irgens-Møller (DK). Ilja Bergh (DK), Steffen Poulsen & Jakob Riis (DK), Roland Keiser (S), Abdel Chani Najraoui (Marocco), Willi Toors (S), Chime Topgual (Tibet) and Tommy Adolfsson (S), plus Johannes Bergmark (S)
Roland Keiser and Chani Najraoui will make processionmusic along the Heda road.
The local drumgroup "Drakhjärta" (Dragonheart) is going to make ambient sounds and music at the fields of Hillingstad.
The local choirs "Gunnels Girls" from Ödeshög and "Nicolai drängar", an old-boys choir from Linköping, are participating in a performance at the monestary ruin with Christer Irgens-Møller.

For more information contact:
Lennart Isaksson: Hillingstad, S-599 00 Odeshog
Tel. +46 (0)142 - 710 18
Christer Irgens-Moller: Rudolph Berghsgade 11,
DK-2100 Köbenhavn Ø. Tel/Fax +45 39 29 4504
Nes Lerpa: Bronshojvej 36, DK-Bronshoj
Tel. +45 38 80 11 97
Vivian Mansfield: Heda Galleri
Tel/Fax +46 (0) 144 -320 33
August 15th - 23rd