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Basic Group. Collective exhibition and performances by Paul Brand, Nirmal Singh Dhunsi, Häkon Bleken, Knud Larsen, Kari Christensen, Inger Brattvoll, Terje Karlstrom, Alex Becker, Iren Gule, Solrunn Rones, Beret Aksnes, Aase–Hilde Brekke, Alaie, Avdun Eriksen and Ninni Sodahl.

Andri Lehn
Bispegata 7B
7013 Trondheim
July – August


We are organizing a 24 hour continnuos meditation lasting from 18:00 o´clock on saturday the of August until 18:00 o´clocl sunday the of August. We will make a special room for the meditation, inspired from a mandala. The meditation is open for anyone who wants to take part.Four persons sits at a time. Each participant decides how long he/she wants to sit, before the next person takes over. WE HOPE THAT MANY OTHERS WILL TAKE PART IN THE MEDITATION, by arranging local meditations, and that they can register themselves on the home-pages!

9.aug.Trondheim Cinema; "Shangri La-lost for ever?" about tibetans in exile in India.A video made by Elisabeth Hansen and Aase-Hilde Brekke 14.aug.Tara-Theater ; Consert/performance.With Audun Eriksen,Morten Abildsnes and Aase-Hilde Brekke 15-16 aug. Meditation and prayer for Tibet.The session will start at 6p.m.saturday august15th and will continue until 6p.m. the following day ,sunday You are also encouraged to take part by arranging your own meditation with others during the same period.We hope the project will tie together individuals and groups around the world at the same time in support of a free Tibet.You can tell me on my e-mail,or adress if you want to participate.

Aase-Hilde Brekke Alaie and Andri Lehn
Trondheim Art-association, Bispegt.7, TRONDHEIM, NORWAY , or , or tel.+47 73595051