Galerie En Skulpturenpark Groeneveld

Paintings, pictures and ceramics by different artists: Marie–Louise Kersbergen, Theo Ettema, Gerard ‘t Hart Corrie Haverkort, Jackie Bouw, Thom Hoffman. For further information contact Marie–Louise Kersbergen Tel: +31 546 81 81 11 or Fax: +31 546 85 10 17.

Groeneveldweg 8
7609 PX Amelo
The Netherlands
April 25 – July 25

Art Exhibit – Dedicated To Tibet

A multi-media art exhibit including, photography, paintings and installations will be shown in this gallery in support of the Tibetan struggle.

Galerij & Sculpturenpark Groeneveld Almelo
Groenenveldsweg 8 7609 PX Almelo
May 5 – July

In Support Of Tibet

Painting exhibit by Hannie Bal and Lidie Bossen.

Hooglandse Kerk Leiden
June 30 – July 15


Paintings dedicated to Tibet

Galerij Carla Kleinpaste
Voorstraat 154 3311ES
July 1 – August 31

De Melkweg

Exhibitions and performances at different locations (Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Amelo) by different artists. For further information contact the general coordinators Wilnah Molenaar – Nicole Bodewes – Angelique Finkers – Maaike Riemersma at Tel: +31 20 623 76 99 or Fax: +31 20 497 42 47

Keizersgracht 302
1016 EX Amsterdam
The Netherlands
July 5 – August 31

For The Tibetan People

The Dutch Artists Collective, Alarrb chose to take their artistic support of the Tibetan people quite literally. The Netherlands are known as the Low Countries, and since Tibet is a country of peaks and high latitude, they decided to build a temple at the lowest point of Holland. When they located the point, they found that there was another artist’s work already there. Since the structure build by this artist, De Wit, was covered with graffiti, they have chosen to clean it. In August, Bas van de Hurk, Natasja de Senerpont domis and Rob van Kranenburg will manually scrub clean this work of art as a sign of respect for another artist’s work, and in dedication to the free individual intelligence that opts for mutual understanding and moral integrity in the face of brutality. For further information contact


Art For Tibet

Sculpture by M. Meier Adegeest.

Oude Mariaschool
Koninginneweg 1 Zandvoort
August 23