Visions From The Fields Of Merit Location And Installation Drawings Inspired By Nine Journeys To Tibet.

The exhibit will include sepia ink drawings by Phil Sudgen created in Tibet and the Himalayas over 20 years as well as large installation drawings that reflects the artists deeper experiences during the journey. The museum hours are noon-4pm Tuesday through Friday and 1-3pm on Saturday and Sunday. For more information contact the museum director, Janet Messenger at 217-466-8130.

The Illinois Bicentennial Museum
132 South Central Avenue
Paris, IL 61944
June 2 – July 26

World Tibet Day

The Tibetan Community in Chicago will be celebrating World Tibet Day, as well as His Holiness’s birthday on Monday, July 6. For information about the afternoon celebration of World Tibet Day, please contact Karma Zurkang, Director of the Tibetan Alliance of Chicago at 773-275-7454.

The Interfaith Call for Freedom of Worship in Tibet and for Universal Religious Freedom will be celebrated in many houses of worship in the Chicago area: for more information please contact Reverend Bob Thompson at the Lake Street Church of Evanston: 847-864-2181. Also many of the 45 Buddhist Centers in the area will be participating in the Interfaith Call; for more information, contact Asyo Horibe, President of the Buddhist Council of the Midwest: 847-869-5806.

Chicago, IL
July 6

Readings Around The US Dedicated To The Tibetan Cause

Meditation teacher Dean Sluyter shows how “the great spiritual truths are right under your nose — in the songs, jokes, proverbs, nursery rhymes you’ve known all your life.” Author of “Why the Chicken Crossed the Road and Other Hidden Enlightenment Teachings: From Buddha to Bebop to Mother Goose” will be giving readings around the country. For further information, locations and additional dates visit the website: or in Chicago contact Gayle Mandel at 312-951-7323.

1000 West North Avenue
Chicago, IL
July 14 at 7:00pm

Form and Emptiness

Kenneth Wells-artist Reprints: Chenrezi thanka (original @ Gyumed Monastery, Hunsur, India Original: Line drawings, various Yidams Oil paintings, various Yidams' mudras Oil paintings, Bardo lights

Sherrie Wood Fine Art Gallery, 125 Ottawa NW, Grand Rapids MI, 49503 USA

Raven's Nest, 1444 Lake Drive SE, Grand Rapids MI 49506 USA June-August

Fleur de Peche, Chicago USA August onward